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Finnancial and Investment Planning

Financial Planning Including meeting, Identification of your financial goals, Financial needs, Data Gathering, Analyze and evaluating your financial goals, Quantify your goals into monetary terms Developing and presenting road map to achieve your financial goals with considering time value of money, Recommendation for achievement of your plan, Monitoring the financial planning and review it on regular basis. Presenting details personalize financial plan that helps you to achieve your goals

Everyone should save for a rainy day. Once you should enough save to take care of your emergencies, you should start about making the money grow. The objective of Investment Planning is to plan your limited resources to avail the maximum benefit out of them so that you can achieve your financial goals in planned manner.

Investment Planning include data gathering, Analyze your present investment, Analysis of your Cash flow, Assess your risk appetite and risk taking ability, Recommendation for your present and future investment pattern, Monitoring your investment, Protect your investment from inflation, market risk, and make it growing.